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It's a great pleasure to be a customer of ICICI Bank. ICICI Bank offers great service to its customers. I’m really impressed with the standard of global banking facilities provided by ICICI.  Thanks a lot for making banking a pleasant experience for your customers.

~ N Sivakumar, Coimbatore, September 1, 2007, General

This mail is with regards to very good service that I received on phone as well as through e-mail. I spoke to one of your representatives named Vinod regarding fixed deposit and savings bank account and I received a very good response from him. Also since I wanted a copy of the document, I had sent an email regarding the same query and I got a wonderful mail with the related links where I could find the necessary information. Thanks to V. Jaikishan. I work as a Quality assurance professional and looking at the phone and e-mail etiquettes, I am really very impressed. Thanks to both Vinod and Jaikishan.

~ Sireesha Jonnalagadda, Hyderabad, September 1, 2007, General

I want to thank Mr. Francis D’ Souza for his response to my request for closure of my loan account and release of my fixed deposit. I am impressed with the excellent & impressive customer service that he provided to me in spite of the Bank being in transition stage from The Sangli Bank Ltd to ICICI Bank Ltd. This help was rendered to me when I wanted to close down this account as soon as possible due to my personal reasons and it is Mr. Francis D’ Souza who understood my problem and urgency and did the needful by taking that matter on high priority and gave me a lot of clarity on the process, infact he followed all this proactively. He also did the needful to release my fixed deposit much quicker than I expected. He is a very hardworking person and if such a person of excellence represents ICICI Bank it will surely raise the bar for best and prompt customer service provided in this industry. Thank you so much for your help Mr. Francis.

~ Annie Mathias, Mumbai, September 1, 2007, General

ICICI is the best Bank in India as of now. My entire family has accounts in ICICI and I tell every body I meet to switch over to ICICI as you provide the most convenient banking and the most wide range of services that any other bank is not providing. The funds transfer, the demand draft on call, bill payment, and all the facilities provided by you are very innovative. Visiting the bank branches is also a good experience. The training provided to the employees is great; they are most courteous, give personal attention and try best to save customer's time. Being a lady with so many other responsibilities, at least banking doesn't bring a strain on my forehead. Thanks a millions and rise high! Your bank has become a necessity of everyday chores.

~ Shailey, Delhi, September 2, 2007, General

I had forgotten my Internet Banking password. I mailed my grivences. Believe it's possible only in our ICICI bank, I got a call within 24 hours regarding my issue. Swapna associate from Hyderabad contact center delivered me what I needed and hence proved that we are there to hear our customers. She is wonderful, polite and most of all helpful to resolve my query. I too work in an MNC, I know how hard it is to get the things done in the prescribed time limit. She is just awesome. Thanks for your support.

~ Balaji, Chennai, September 2, 2007, General

I really appreciate Mr. Syed Sameer for his sincerity and follow up on resolving the credit enhancement request. He showed a great attitude and also followed up sincerely in resolving the issue till its closure and I really appreciate this for being really customer-centric. Many just update for the sake of updating. But this deserves a special mention. Thanks again Syed Sameer.

~ T H Prasanth, Bangalore, September 3, 2007, General

In ICICI everything is so planned and easy to search. All the details are designed so beautifully that it creates interest to work with ICICI bank. I have already recommended ICICI to my many friends. Frankly speaking I never expected such a great and user-friendly service from a private bank... Three cheers for ICICI!

~ Parvesh K Kakkar, Mumbai, September 3, 2007, General

I am banking with ICICI for more than 3 years now. I have accounts in other banks as well. Still, using ICICI is more user-friendly. I have taken 2 loans from ICICI. All were provided to me with attractive interest rates. There is no comparison of ICICI with other banks worldwide. I've opted for Auto-Debit facility, which provides me peace of mind as my banking account is linked with credit card account. Transferring money to other non-ICICI account is so simple. It just a click away. Hats off to you ICICI. Keep it up. Thanks.

~ Pritish Banerjee, Kolkatta, September 3, 2007, General

I had an urgent requirement of my statements for an official purpose and I was helped immensely by your colleague Padmini Bhatt. She has done a brilliant job by saving my time and understanding my situation. I really appreciate her way of working.

~ Nidhi Shrivastav, September 3, 2007, General

I would like to appreciate the efforts of Mr. Rajesh Balerao (Service Manager) in following up on my case with the back-end team, constantly keeping me updated on the developments, getting my work done. I would like to thank him for his show of superior customer service, excellent coordination and keeping up to his word. He is an example of an excellent customer service and I feel people should emulate him. His way of personalizing and taking of ownership is truly commendable. I am highly influenced with his commitment. I want to thank him for his efforts. Gud job done rajesh u are the best.

~ Joy.S.Nair, September 3, 2007, General

I appreciate efforts of ICICI's Customer Service Centre. Please keep it up!!! I feel pleasure in banking with ICICI. The banking with ICICI gives a lot of peace to the mind. I feel that I am running MY BANK from my house. I wish you all the very best of luck for providing the best of best services in the future, too. I believe ICICI also stands for "INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMER INTEREST & CARE INSTITUTE!"

~ Dhiraj T Wala, Singapore, September 4, 2007, General

We always had a very good experience while dealing with ICICI Bank. We have been an ICICI Bank customer for more than 8 years. I think the biggest boon from ICICI BANK to its customers is the extremely user-friendly and navigable Internet Banking. Thanks a bunch for all your services.

~ Sindhu, Hyderabad, September 4, 2007, General

I had gone to Cenotaph Branch, Chennai for getting USD draft for paying my fees on June 1. One cheque was in clearing, and hence I requested the Asst. Manager (Forex) Ms. Lavanya Sundari to initiate the process and issue the Draft once the amount is reflected in account. I was not aware that the forex operations were only from Mon-Fri and request can be processed only when full amount is present in account. So when she stated this matter, I was totally in a helpless situation, as my last date for payment was June 2, Saturday. She came out of her seat and comforted me and asked me to check out with any of my friends for temporarily transferring the amount to my account. I was able to source the required amount and the Draft was issued later in the day enabling me to pay fees in time. I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the comforting words and the exceptional service I received that day. I'm sure such officers who go an extra mile in services definitely brings more smile to many more customers. Lavanya thanks a million times.

~ Anish Manu, September 4, 2007, General

Excellent support and I am really thankful to Mr. Raja, Service Manager to whom I spoke regarding my problem of e-transfer of funds. He understood my difficulty and did the needful by taking that matter on top most priority. I am really happy about his dedicated service and satisfied with the customer care support. Thanks a lot once again.

~ Ramakrishnan, Coimbatore, September 5, 2007, Genaral

I used my credit card in an HDFC ATM and was trying to withdraw cash. I had by mistake used my Debit card PIN and tried it twice. Then I realized the same and used my debit card with its PIN to withdraw cash, within may be a minute or perhaps two minutes I received an SMS stating that your credit card has been tried in ATM but with wrong PIN numbers. I am truly amazed with the SMS alert, and felt that I am associated with a Bank, which constantly updates its technology and also its Risk Management System, especially with reference to Cards. Keep it up and this is what I call a Delight. Needless to say I had shared this with many of my friends. Keep It up ICICI Bank.

~ B Parasuram, Chennai, September 5, 2007, General

Thank you very much Sandhya for your telephonic call follow up as well as for the confirmation that the amount has been credited to my NRO account. The speed with which your bank has taken is both amazing and impressive. I would like to reciprocate by declaring that our family too is looking forward to a long, fruitful and continuous relationship with your bank.

~ Seshu Babu, September 6, 2007, Deposits

I am very much thankful to all the services rendered to me towards my home loan specially to BM Satyajeet Das for all kind of co-operation and excellent service to the customers in every respect. I also extend my heart full thankfulness to Mr.Gatikrushna Das, Chitta Ranjan Barik & Madam Priyadarshini Singh who are with us in every respect in all kind of customer service.

~ Giridhari Patra, September 6, 2007, Home Loan

A special thanks to Mr. Rajesh Bhalerao. I feel proud to be a customer of ICICI bank. I take this opportunity to thank him and his team for going that extra mile and getting my job done...I wish him all the best of grace and success in the future and advise him to continue doing the same to all your fellow customers to make them feel happy.

~ Avik Dey, Mumbai, September 7, 2007, General

On a personal note I would compliment the whole of your organization for a truly exceptional level of service. From initially applying on- line, to receiving very responsive e-mails and updates right throughout the whole process.  I am truly impressed with the level of professionalism and efficiently that I've received from this company so far. Without doubt, I will be highly recommending your organization to my friends and business colleagues. Thank you again for a super-smooth and very easy experience - unbelievable! Well done!!!!

~ Phil Edwards, Redditch, September 8, 2007, General

I must compliment ICICI for exemplary Customer Service when it comes to Phone Banking. It is truly world class and I believe that no other Bank in India (both Private and Nationalized banks comes even close). I would share my experience when I requested for an add on Platinum Card for my father. The request was taken over the phone. I was amazed that when I called in the evening the same day the request for the Card was processed and Credit Card No. was allotted. I was assured that I would receive the card within seven days and to my delight I got the card on the third day of putting the request. I compliment the team for building such a World Class bank which will set standards and show the way to the foreign banks too. I am proud that an Indian bank is doing wonders and keeping customers not only satisfied but delighted with their levels of service. I am sharing my experience and recommending ICICI as the preferred bank with my colleagues ad friends.

~ Varun Ajay Khurana, New Delhi, September 10, 2007, Phone Banking

Want to place my appreciation to the staff at ICICI branch in Prestige Meridian, M.G. Road, Bangalore. I had deposited cash through the deposit envelope and due to a mistake on my part had marked out Rs. 8000 less than the amount placed in it. I got a call in an hour from Mr. Leva Kumar telling me about the same. I visited the branch and the issue was sorted out. I really appreciate the honesty of all those concerned with this. Thank you and God bless you for your sincerity to your job.

~ Charles Mathew, Bangalore, September 11, 2007, General

I'm glad to receive such a prompt response from you on phone and through e-mail. All my queries are resolved now and I can assure you of a long and lasting relationship with the bank. Hats off to your Customer Care Team.

~ Jamal Ahad, September 11, 2007, General

It's a great pleasure to be a customer of ICICI Bank. In today's time where people are always in a hurry, it is rare occasion to meet someone who has patience and time to deal with customers under any situation really appreciate the innovative ideas that ICICI Bank comes out with. I am very happy by the online support given by the customer care of ICICI.

~ Babu. J, Udumalpet, September 12, 2007

I am pleased with the level of service extended by your Home Loan team at Mulund branch. The process was completed much quicker than I expected. The most important thing was all documentations were completed as per my convenience. I did not even have to visit the branch. That’s really great. Thanks to Ramesh Wilankar's team- Mukesh and Subodh.

~ Ramdas Geete, Mumbai, September 13, 2007, Home Loan

We would like to place on record the outstanding and superb performance of Ms. Deepa Verma in connection with the handling of the Loan. She is a perfect example of a Team Leader who is meticulous and hard working. It is indeed commendable to have such dedicated and hard working human beings in your organization. Ms. Deepa Verma has provided the highest quality of service and the rate of success of this was 100%. Team Leaders such as her will definitely be an asset to the organization they work for / with. A special thanks to the ICICI Banking Operations, Mumbai / New Delhi and a very special thanks to Ms.Deepa Verma for a very prompt, efficient & a hassle free service. We look forward to a long term, satisfying and mutually beneficial relationship / association.

~ Vivek Vohra, September 13, 2007, Loans

I acknowledge the excellent services rendered by the ICICI Team when an issue relating to ATM-cum-Debit Card cropped up. Systems are in place to get the issues resolved in a time-bound manner and the excellent point is that these systems are working very efficiently. Congratulations! Excellent Service!

~ P.K.Padmanabha Iyer, Kochi, September 15, 2007, General

Awesome response for my queries, which I got from ICICI bank. I never expect anything better than that because ICICI services are flawless. I have relation with other banks also but Internet Banking, customer care services are far better than any other bank in India. Even I don't think that any bank and financial institution is in the position to compare these services with ICICI. Just maintain your services and satisfaction of customer as you are growing fast, very soon I want to see ICICI in the list of world's top banks. In my final words I want to say that "I feel proud that I am having so many relationships with ICICI".

~ Akashdeep Tiwari, New Delhi, September 15, 2007, General

I am ICICI Bank customer since last 3 years. I am very thankful for the services the Bank provides. The Internet Banking, customer services are excellent. I always recommend to my friends. ICICI Bank is the best. The new feature of linking the savings bank accounts, credit card accounts, and loans in the single user ID is very convenient for me, its really excellent. I hope to see more features in future.

~ M.Rajkumar, Tuticorin, September 17, 2007, General

I am really happy to appreciate Abraham for his personal interest and a lot of pain to rectify the problem in my Home Loan dues. It is only possible for a person like him who is having helping attitude towards the customers like us. His attitude, eagerness and motivation towards the solving of the problems, continuous efforts to set right and your sincerity on the duty are really praiseworthy and make you different from others. Wish you all the success in life.

~ Dr. Malay K. Samanta, September 18, 2007, Home Loan

I had a requirement for home loan where in Mr. Deepak has helped in selecting me the property through ICICI and made the aspiration of getting the loan in a very simple process. Not only that, the service and information that he provided regarding other products is really appreciable. Thank you for the excellent service which you and your banker has provided to us. It’s really a wonderful experience banking with ICICI. Best wishes for your career.

~ K.Jyothi, September 18, 2007, Home Loan

I appreciate Miss Anuprita Kale for detail and additional information provided to me. Charges for bounce as well ODC charges was timely conveyed and very well communicated by Miss Anuprita. This employee is certainly to be appreciated as well is guiding / informative to even a customer who is educated but a layman in Home loan policies matter. I pray god for her future success.

~ Vasudev Ballaway, September 18, 2007, General

The ICICI banking staff is to be complimented for their quick service and personal attention.  Quick service and personal attention leaves the customer visiting the bank with pleasing experience. I had experienced this in my Branch and also in some other branches in the city. Comparing to any other leading Banks, I can swear that the ICICI bank serves the public very efficiently. My sincere plea is to maintain the tempo forever. Once again I wish the entire management and the supporting staff of ICICI Bank for their tremendous performance in the banking sector of the country.

~ Abdul Basheer P, Chennai, September 19, 2007, General

I thank you for the immediate support and guidance extended to me regarding my query of IT certificate (provisional) for my home loan from Neeta Agrawal. I appreciate the initiatives taken at your end for user-friendly service with a large base of customer, great effort being put in. Thanks and keep it up.

~ Sameer Mungre, September 19, 2007, Home Loan

I had been to your customer care department regarding No Objection Certificate procedure for my two-wheeler loan. I was explained the procedure for the same by Miss Sejal Tamboli & Miss Vyoma Pandya very nicely. I hope that you and your team will continue to keep the high momentum of customer friendly services always. All the best.

~ Brijesh Kthamna, September 19, 2007, Loan

I would like to thank Bhudev and team for the fullest co-operation and support given to me in getting this loan. I want to specifically thank you and Mr. Siddhi for being more co-operative and more responsible in finishing the job in time. I am extremely satisfied about - the way you responded to my calls, right things done at right time, co-ordination within your various departments in spite of hiccups at last moment, understand the customers constraints and deliver the job in time. GOOD job done by Bhudev Nanda, Seby Varghese, Syed Haque & team. Keep it up. You make the bank growing.

~ Rukmani, September 19, 2007, Loan

I appreciate the support and co-operation extended by the ICICI team for my home loan. I had a very good and comfortable experience throughout, right from loan sanction to final disbursement. I appreciate Sanjay's (from Vakayil) efforts and co-operation too. He has been very helpful and prompt during every hour of need.

~ Sarvesh Deshmukh, September 20, 2007, Loan

I have been a customer of ICICI Bank for the last 8 years.  I extensively use the various services provided by the Bank like Internet Banking, Online Trading, Credit Cards etc.  In the last 8 years, I have very rarely encountered issues with the Bank.  Whenever I have, it gets promptly resolved.  In spite of the aggressive growth of the Bank in the last few years, the Bank has been able to scale up and provide good customer service. Keep up the good work.

~ Surya Kumari Achal, Bangalore, September 21, 2007, General

Internet Banking in ICICI is the best in terms of facility, speed and security. In a single platform it helps to do everything related to banking. I have account in 4 Indian banks and 2 overseas bank (In UK & Germany). But I feel ICICI is the best in terms of Internet Banking among all these. ICICI sends sms about account information to International number also (I am personally benefited from this when I am in UK). Thank you ICICI - Keep it up.

~ Arup Ghosh, Kolkata, September 24, 2007, Internet Banking

Mr. Brijesh Saxena’s calm and patient manner was a great help to me when I was approaching your bank to open an NRI Account. His remarkable problem-solving abilities are rare indeed. Brijesh was courteous and friendly as he advised me the policy and procedure to get through the process and made many phone calls and even personal visits to my place when he got through the process on my behalf. Such professionalism is rare nowadays. Brijesh is an asset to your organization and is part of the reason that you have such a great number of satisfied customers. If the quality of a firm's employees is an indication of future success, then having Brijesh in any firm has a very bright future.

~ Ajay Pant, September 25, 2007, General

I really appreciate Resham’s customer service skills and the way she handled the entire process. As a customer what he/she needs is a swift and a positive response and I think it went on smooth.

~ Nikhil Nair, September 25, 2007, General

This is regarding a pleasant experience I have with ICICI. We recently shifted our office premises from one area to another. Our home branch became little far now as a result. But right in front of our current office we have an ICICI branch. This is what we love with ICICI with its extensive network. Anywhere you go, you have an ICICI branch there. Hutch commercial is well suited to ICICI as well. However I was little apprehensive about the service in another branch as it’s not my home branch. But the moment I walked into the new branch, an associate called Ram Mohan welcomed me with a warm smile and attended me like a friend. I felt comfortable dealing with him.

~ Venkata Narayana, Hyderabad, September 25, 2007, General

I appreciate the good work done by ICICI. I not only got a prompt reply but also got a follow-up call too from the Helpdesk. Kudos to your team who go all the way to resolve the customer's query. In fact I don't miss a chance to recommend ICICI and its products to my friends when it comes up for discussion. I always use to say ICICI is one who make their slogan very true, I mean you really make our banking with you a pleasurable moment.

~ Mr. S.P.Anand, September 26, 2007, General

I would really like to thank you for all you have done by giving us the best of support. The team work done by DEEPAK and RAJESH (both Chauhan's) is really appreciable, working against all odds, getting and achieving the deliverables is beyond words of appreciation. It was memorable day of my life. I am really full of praises with the services of ICICI. Keep up the good work. People like you turn the add of "Hum Hain Na" to reality.

~ Dimple Sarkar, September 26, 2007, General

Excellent service, very prompt and responsive. ICICI has brought a new dimension in the banking industry in India. It’s almost having a personal locker at home. Keep it up.

~ Hris, Mumbai, September 26, 2007, General

"WOW" was the only expression I came up with when my query was handled. The manner in which one of your employee Sarwath Siddique handled my call was very professional and of very high standards. It reflects the standards of the organization and the only reason me being a delighted customer is your employee Miss Sarwath Siddique.

~ Farhan Qureshi, Hyderabad, September 27, 2007, General

Ms. Resham had done an excellent job. She had solved all the matter in less than 2 hour, which was not expected by me. I would love to say What a Great Great Job. If ICICI Bank have employee like Ms. Resham, Bank will not lose any customer as retention of customer is big deal than making new one. ICICI should motivate the employee like Ms. Resham. Bank will grow many folds with the employee like her. Last but not the least I want to thank the customer care department. Three Cheers for CUSTOMER CARE.

~ Ms Alka Singh, September 27, 2007, General

I am an NRI and traveling abroad, I came to know that my Internet ID was disabled, as I was not using it for a long time. By sending an E-Mail to activate my ID very prompt action was taken. I was called from India, my details were verified and my ID was activated and I am in a position to operate my account from anywhere. I was very much pleased by this and wanted to appreciate SMITHA NAYAK, E-MAILS NRI MUMBAI for this.

~ JLE Fernando, Yuzhno, September 28, 2007, General

I take this opportunity in congratulating Customer Care of ICICI. They are really the pillars of the Bank as most customers depend on Internet Banking due to the IT revolution. Demat customer base shall have no regrets in choosing ICICI services, as the team of Customer Care is highly professional and well trained.

~ Manoranjan, Delhi, September 28, 2007, Customer Care

I take opportunity and would like to highlight about the way the account holders of ICICI Bank get information.  I have savings cum salary account with this Bank for the past 4 years and I am very happy for getting various messages.  Recently I requested for Internet Banking facility and the immediate response by providing all required assistance is appreciable. With Internet Banking I have opened RD account without going to the Bank and without signing any single paper and within a few minutes. I am very thankful to all the employees of ICICI Bank for their valuable services.

~ Krishna Mohan Kumar, Visakhapatnam, September 28, 2007, General

It's really wonderful banking with ICICI Bank. I am your customer since last 4 years and availing the best services as on date. One of my best experience with ICICI Bank is that I had faced an ATM service issue recently. I have visited the ATM Center and used my debit card to withdraw an amount through fast cash option. But the cash has not dispensed from the machine and my account was debited with the amount. I have approached the nearest ICICI Bank branch and was made to understand that it might be due to some machine problem and should wait for 24 hrs so that the amount will be reversed to my account or else I have to log a complaint against the same. I have communicated this to the customer care division and they have responded immediately. As assured by the team my amount got transferred to my account within weeks day’s time. This was really amazing service by the team.

~ Tata Suresh Kumar, Hyderabad, September 29, 2007, General


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