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I would like to take this opportunity to single out your customer care employee "Raacha Kalyan, Office of Head - Customer Service" from whom I have received some excellent and prompt service recently while serving my request. I was totally left high and dry by your other customer service executives who bluntly asked me to contact a branch for resolving my issue. That is when I escalated this issue and that is when Mr. Raacha Kalyan took time to understand my problem and thoroughly investigated it. Please forward my feedback to Raacha Kalyan and his managers. I don't want this instance to go unnoticed.

~ Ghanashyam, Belgaun, October 24, 2007, General

I would like to thank Mr Racha Kalyan, who had helped me out in resolving a dispute regarding my savings bank account when my local branch had raise their hands. It was nice speaking to a team of highly professional and motivated people. I have been the customer of ICICI bank since 2005, since then all my banking issues are dealt very promptly. The flawless services provided by ICICI needs to be appreciated. I once again thank the customer care department for resolving the issue.

~ Prakash Sharma, Jammu , October 26, 2007, General

My wife and I hold savings bank and Demat accounts with ICICI bank for many years now. Recently when my wife tried to withdraw money from an ATM, the receipt indicated the money is dispensed, but actually no cash came out. My wife was very upset and though she lodged a complaint, she was still worried that the money may be lost. It shook her confidence in the modern technology. But within two days the money was deposited in her account with a message from the bank manager from the St. Agnes branch Mangalore. Thank you for the prompt and appropriate service

~ John Fernanders, Mangalore , October 28, 2007, General

I would like to take this opportunity to specially thank ICICI Bank and its employees for providing excellent service to my husband and me. We have two accounts in Gariahat branch and service rendered by Soumili Mukherjee of Gariahat branch; Kolkata pertaining to chequebook delivery and fund transfer is simply outstanding. She is very responsible and helpful. I wish her a lot of success in this bank. She has really lived the brand name. We hardly have time to visit the branch amidst our busy schedule and especially with Internet Banking/ phone banking around. This level of ownership and excellent service helps us... all customers should have such delightful experiences with the bank

~ Nilakshmi Banerjee, Kolkatta , October 28, 2007, General

I am glad to inform that the ICICI Bank customer care service is promptly taking action on the mails sent by me and getting reply immediately. The services provided by the customer care service are very excellent. Incidentally, I would like to take this opportunity to inform the esteemed Bank to consider legal experts on legal issues involved in the mails like my mail. I hope my views would be taken care and be implemented early as the Bank may not have any difficulty in getting advices from the lawyers or tax consultants like me. Wishing the Bank all success.

~ K Mani, India , October 29, 2007, General

This is in regard to the appreciation of Ms. Rashmi, one of the banking officer of your bank working for your Vasai branch. She has kept her word due to some mistake on the cheque this was in suspense a/c but she asked me to get the letter from the cheque owner and said that the needful will be done within 48 hrs but same was done within 24 hrs. Would like to thank her for the efforts she has taken to do the needful in my case may god bless her and give all happiness in her whole life and wishing her best of luck in the future. Thank you

~ Deep , Nallasopara ,October 29, 2007, General

Have taken a car loan. I happened to interact with Mr. Harinath at Hosur Branch. I was really impressed the way he responded to my calls, especially calling me back when he did not pick my call at the first instance. The remarkable feature of the interaction with him was his professional approach. I am sure his polite replies, pleasing mannerisms and his efforts to exceed the customer expectation will go a long way in the bank securing more customers. I thank ICICI for having such people as points-of-contact with customers.

~ Sriram, Hosur, October 29, 2007, Auto Loan

I want to thank ICICI Bank and specially Ms. Varsha Mehta, Office of Head Service Quality for solving my problem. ICICI has once again proved that it is one of the best banks and banking is really a kind of experience with ICICI. Within no time my mail was answered and solved.ICICI has an amazing CRM, it proved it really cares about its customer and value their money as well as time. I am really happy. And I am really looking forward to bank with this bank in future also. Thanking once again, and I hope this mail is read by Ms. Varsha Mehta Office of Head Service Quality. Thank you

~ Sonal alok kumar , Delhi,October 29, 2007, General

Being a marketing person I know the value of customer services. I am fully convinced with the way your counter staff deals with the customers. After having unprofessional service experience of other banks in the town I came to your Madhuban Branch and contacted a few officials of this branch and opened new account with your bank. All young officials dealt with others and me one by one at a time not jumping many at a time. From this point of view ICICI is different from other banks.

~ Faiyaz Hussain Jogy, Udaipur ,October 30, 2007, General

My entire family banks with ICICI since several years. Itís always been a delight to bank with them. The Infinity Service (online banking) is so user friendly and if you think of a necessity - ICICI already has thought of it and taken care of it. So the super conveniences in terms of banking experience provided by ICICI is I would say better than world class. I donít think I would remember of a situation where I have had to send a reminder for something to be done or a follow up with ICICI. Me and my family's best wishes - just stay the way you are ICICI!

~ Vinod Vaswan ,Bangalore ,October 30, 2007, General

Since last few days I have suffered from lot of inconvenience, now I am relax. Thanks for solving my problem the way you explained me through telephonic explanation. ICICI BANK should be proud of you, a sincere worker who has working like a fantastic mirror in which every one can solve their problem and maintain their bank account. By the way, Rekha like you told that they have got the funds but the beneficiary account holder has told that in that some amount has been deducted and some ref. like NEFT transfer charges. If you explain me the same then I want some more funds to be transferred to the IOB account. So once again I am waiting for your valuable response.

~ Aquil Samah Masroor , Hyderabad ,October 31, 2007, General

This compliment is for the quick and satisfactory response from ICICI Bank Customer Care. I am having savings account with ICICI and wanted to receive 100 leaves chequebook for my day- to- day transactions. The chequebook was delivered in stipulated time. Moreover, the Customer Care confirmed about me receiving it. Kudo's to ICICI and keep up the promise "Hum Hain Na".

~ Sarat Kumar , Pune ,October 31, 2007, Deposits

Hi ICICI, I would like to commend the good job done by Jackie Kapoor Manager (Customer Care). He very well knows how to keep the customers happy, satisfied and loyal to ICICI. I did speak with various other executives who were all willing to help me, but staying in the support boundaries of their policies and procedure was a little annoying for me as I had lost Rs.12,900 from the account for a thing I never got and then I was asked to wait for 30 days before an action can be taken. But when I asked for the manager and got Jackie online, he was really calm, polite and helped me in speeding up the process and brings it to mere 10 days. All it took was 1 working day with Jackie. I have got a big smile on my face as I have got my hard earned money back to my account. Thanks to Jackie and ICICI for hiring such helpful persons.

~ Arnab, Delhi ,October 31, 2007, General

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