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I am very  pleased with your way of banking, and  facilities we are getting from you, like Internet Banking, mobile alerts and many more. Continue to maintain the good quality of your brand name ICICI.

~ Ashish Jena , Cuttack, June  05 2008, General

I am a customer of ICICI Bank (almost 2 years) and I would like to compliment one of your representatives Ms Kinjal Kothari who was working at Gandhinagar Branch but now transferred to another location. She has extended all possible help to me whenever I approached her. Specially when I approached her for my address & contact number change and queries related to my saving account. Understanding of problems & interaction was excellent. It is really nice to see such employees in bank who can devote time to customers and help them in every possible manner with better cooperation, support, sincerity. I wish all the best for her career and future.

~ Darshak C Mehta, Gandhinagar, June 28, 2008, Deposits   


I am very happy and proud to be the customer and former employee of the ICICI Bank, Vashi branch. Free of cost Internet Banking and Mobile Banking service is appreciated. Charges are a part of service but need to be communicated to the customers in a convincing manner. Congratulations to all the employees doing that and working so hard in various branches. Thanks a lot and it's nice to bank with ICICI Bank. Keep it up!

~ Devika, Mumbai , June 30, 2008, General

This was the worst experience that I have had with ICICI Bank. I deposited a DD in ICICI Bank, Bareilly. For next 38 days neither did the amount get credited nor was there any status on the DD. I was very much frustrated & cursing myself for the day when I opened an account with ICICI Bank. Then when I called  their nodal office,  I received the call from Mr. Yogesh Sherigar, Customer Service Manager, Mumbai. I am really thankful to this person  who has taken all the pains & finally today I got the credit. This would not have been possible without the help of Mr Yogesh. I advise the bank to have more no. of managers like Mr Yogesh who understands customer needs & reacts accordingly. In the given timeframe this gentleman completed his work & fulfilled my requirement. One advice to ICICI Bank that customers should be first for you. So never make false commitments to customer & the commitment that you have made must be fulfilled. Finally, once again, I am  thankful to Mr Yogesh!

~ Gaurav Misra, Bareilly, June 19, 2008, General

I am really lucky to get a bank like ICICI Bank. I am holding an account since 2002. It is very, very friendly, helpful tension-free service all over India. It has helped me in my needy times by providing document-free loans. So I feel proud to say that I also hold a silver credit card which is always helpful for me at all my needy times. I don't have any words of praise for ICICI Bank. No doubt, I have accounts with other banks also but I prefer to use only ICICI Bank services. I feel happy to see ICICI Bank, and ATM which reminds me that  they are there to help me. I WISH ALL THE BEST TO BECOME NO 1 BANK IN THE WORLD. THANKS

~ Jitendra Tiwari, Lucknow, June 19, 2008, General

I have been an ICICI Bank customer for over 5 years, and now I am in Singapore for the past 3 years. It feels really good to see an Indian bank reaching international standards, making a name for themselves and bringing joy to a lot many customers. I use Money2India to transfer funds to India, and haven't seen anything better in its class. Keep up the good work, and keep improving.
Good luck!

~ Kapil Vijan., Singapore, June 11, 2008, General

On 10th June I realised that I had mistakenly paid ONLINE money to a wrong credit card number. I immediately contacted ICICI Bank over the phone and was given a very comprehensive and comforting reply. Today (less than 48 hours later) I am gratified to find that my mistake has been rectified and the money has now been correctly credited to my credit card number. This is amazing! The speed with which you have responded is fantastic! Your customer service quality is truly world class. Congratulations and a BIG BIG God bless to All at ICICI BANK!

~ Kasturi Mukundan, Chennai, June 12, 2008, Deposits

The best thing ever to happen in Indian banking sector is undoubtedly ICICI Bank. The products, customer support, friendly and dedicated staff at the branches are the few things to cite. Recently I opened a privilege account in Chamarajpet branch. ICICI Bank Chamarajpet branch has some good customer service representatives and the best among them is Mr.Santosh Kumar who is knowledgeable, diligent and courteous. I hope that ICICI Bank continues to employ such dedicated personnel and set an example to its rivals. Thanks Santosh, for your overwhelming help.

~Madhu Nandkishore, Bangalore, June 03, 2008, General

Earlier I had a not so happy experience  dealing with ICICI Bank & that had left a bitter taste in my mouth. But all this has changed after I met Mr Mandar Deshmukh. I found Mandar to be very courteous & responsible individual. He gave a very patient hearing to my woes & assured me that the Bank will take care of all my problems. He was very approachable & genuinely interested in resolving my problem. ICICI Bank should be proud to have such hardworking & customer-friendly individuals working for them. He has completely changed the image of your bank in my eyes.

~ Kailash Anerao, Mumbai, June 6, 2008, Loans         

Dear Mr. Nallayen,
It is indeed with pleasure that I wish to record, the excellent and timely customer service  rendered by you to me. What I appreciate the most is your maturity in understanding the urgency and sensitivity of my request and ability to render service. Your timely submission of the letter was vital for the whole transaction to go through successfully. I am pretty sure that with your attitude to work and to customers you are likely to go places in ICICI Bank. I hope a measure of thanks should go to your higher-ups at Chennai too who understood my requirement and responded promptly. You are an asset to the organisation. Looking  forward to a continued association and all the very best in life.

~ Ramaswamy Venkatachalam, Coimbatore, May 31, 2008, Loans

Excellent service provided by ICICI Bank Home loan division at Salem
I would like to convey my appreciation to the staff of ICICI Bank, Home Loan Division at Salem for the excellent service provided during my visit there to collect my original documents. They have responded to all my queries and provided the details asked for.
Kind regards,
Suresh Kumar Rathi, CEO, The Madras Aluminium Co.Ltd., Mettur Dam 636402

~Suresh Rathi, Salem, May 27,2008, Home Loan


"In a few days I became well acquainted with you, I transferred my loan because of the bitter experience I had in the bank, but you are an exception to it. You turned my experience from bitter to sweet. I thank you for your co-operation and the warm welcome that you always give. I appreciate the way you pursue and persuade people to work. You are the only person it seems who is well read, well educated in the field. Thank you for your help and instant response and more for keeping up the commitment you make. Your work is to be appreciated. Please continue to do the same."

~ Sudhir Nikam, Mumbai, May 24,2008,General


I am very thankful to ICICI Bank that took my complaint seriously and increased my credit limit to good extent. I always have faith with ICICI Bank's Customer Service and problem solving ability.
I am very happy with the conversation I had with Mohammed Abdul Haq, at the Customer Service, ICICI Bank Ltd, who impressed with his problem solving skill.
Looking forward to banking with ICICI Bank always,

~ Manish Dwivedi, New Delhi, June 10 ,2008, General

This is the mail about my experience with one of your managers of Hyderabad credit card division Mr. Khan, who was so professional and patient to understand the situation. I was totally frustrated by your DSA agents and telecallers who disturbed me and gave me  false commitments. In this situation, I got a call from Mr. Khan when I escalated this issue. He was really a professional and excellent ICICI Bank employee who cares about the customer and customer satisfaction. You should be proud to have such employees with you.
Thank you.


~ Manmohan, Hyderabad, June 17, 2008, General


I am delighted to put on record an exemplary performance of ICICI Bank. I only hope that the experience continues in future also. Good things are funds transfer, mobile alerts, e-cheque system, and I am really impressed with online banking facility, and the way of handling the complaints. Continue to maintain your good quality of banking.

~ Nagaraj HN,Bangalore, June 03, 2008, Deposits

Mind blowing service anyone can't even imagine. Once I was not remembering my Internet Banking password, I'd just requested on the site for my password on Friday night some time around  10.00 pm, & I got my password just the next day i.e. on Saturday  afternoon by courier. I was  expecting it'll take 8-10 days, but the results were absolutely fabulous & mind blowing..... . Whenever I've gone to the Bank I got a very good service.........
I love ICICI Bank........
ICICI Bank rockzzzzz........

~Prasad  S. Mudaliar, Pune, June 28, 2008, Deposits

I am CC (credit card) user of ICICI Bank.   May 09 statement from the bank showed   an outstanding balance and a penalty on the full amount of previous month i.e. APRIL 09. Whereas I had not received any statement for outstanding of APRIL 09.
So I requested you (bank) and told that penalty added to me was a mistake. After receiving my May 09 statement I immediately paid the outstanding amount.
I thank you (Bank) for reversing my penalties as stated in June 09 statement.
This is my experience with the Bank and CC.
It shows that ICICI Bank is really a 'CUSTOMER BANK.' This bank is incomparable in terms of  service they provide to  customers and how they understand the customers in all respects besides banking.
Thanking you once again,

~ Sachin Jagtap, Mumbai, June  25, 2008, CC


This is to put my recent positive experience with Mr. Mullik on record. After a regular payment record of 4+ years, I missed a balance of 99.xx because I was out of town and very busy. Mr.Mullik understood my situation, reviewed the case in full perspective and resolved the issue promptly. He was calm and courteous throughout the transaction. It is a pleasure to interact with a professional like him.

~ Sandesh Pande, Hyderabad, June 21, 2008, Deposits


I wish to put in a few words of appreciation and compliments especially for your credit card division. I am a regular customer of ICICI Bank. I hold a savings account as well as a lifetime free gold credit card from your bank.
In the 3 years that I have been your customer, I have to acknowledge that your services were not only spot on but also full of humaneness.
For example, currently I am out of India and for this reason I was not able to pay my credit card bill on time. I received a bill that showed late payment fee as well as other interest charges. I requested your bank to reverse the late fees as I was away from the country. The Customer Care promptly took up my case and reversed the late fees.
This has prompted me to keep the card for all future transactions and I have therefore decided to do away with other credit cards that I currently hold.
If only I could transfer the dues from those cards to your card. It will save me a lot of heartburn and hassle as the other credit card Customer Care is no match to the customer service your bank provides.
Once again thanks a lot to one and all in your bank and all those unseen Customer Care executives who really understand the meaning of customer care. They serve with empathy.
Three cheers to them.

~ Sashi Kumar Mohanty, Pune, June 12, 2008, Deposits


I'm really impressed with the online banking facilities. It's well, user friendly. Past 30 months I  have an account in ICICI Bank. I am really happy to have an account in ICICI Bank. Hope will get the same service in the near future.

~ Stephen R, Chennai, June 05, 2008,General

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