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I must thank Ms. Ruchi of Allahabad Branch of ICICI Bank for her efforts and hard working. She is ever ready to serve the clients with their problems, always with a smile. I hope that she does well in her career.

~ Vivek Ratan Agrawal, Allahabad, August 1, 2007, General

I describe the facilities in these 2 sentences only. There are many Stars in the Sky, But Moon is only one. There are Many Banks in India, But ICICI Bank is Excellent in all Services!!! Hope this continues still better further....

~ Shrinath Holikatti, Hyderabad, August 1, 2007, General

The mobile alerts given to debit and credit card holders is a wonderful innovation. Any time you loose your card or any successful attempt is made you will be alerted. This helps us to communicate with ICICI Bank and get the transactions stopped on the card. An excellent customer service initiative.

~ Ramesh Byru, Hyderabad, August 1, 2007, General

I would like to thank the entire team in Customer Service for the excellent service provided to me. My complaint was promptly attended and redressed. A member of the customer service team from India even called me in Bahrain and informed me of the action taken on my complaint. I am very much impressed about the attention paid by ICICI bank to the complaint of a minor account holder like me.

~ Suresh Kumar Nair, Manama, August 2, 2007, General

I appreciate Devanshi for solving all my demat queries in a fantastic manner and I also appreciate her efforts and service. She understood all my Queries and gave a good resolution. And she was very professional. I appreciate the way she explained me everything. She was very good.

~ Shweta, August 3, 2007, General

I would really like to thank Pragya and Hemant for all your efforts, dedication and promptness with which you people have helped us in making a tedious task of taking loan a very pleasurable. Your enthusiasm and last moments of help really saved us from hassles of buying home and taking loan. You and Hemant were all the time very eager to solve any of our queries, and most of the time personally visited us, to solve them. Because of your suggestions and assistance, we were able to complete the whole process far more quickly. Please accept my sincerest appreciation for the fine job you are doing.

~ Abdul Khalik & Yoonus, August 3, 2007, Home Loan

I would like to acknowledge the fabulous experience I had while interacting with one of your phone banking officers -Radhika .My query was regarding my car loan. This was my brilliant experience with phone banking officer, a hassle free service which customers look forward to. Her service was brilliant and she definately needs to be applauded for the same. Looking forward to such great experiences in the future.

~ Nilu, Mumbai, August 3, 2007, General

We wish to convey our sincere appreciation to you and your team who have always been very efficient and prompt in servicing us. We can simply rely on your services and expertise to resolve the issues related to our accounts with your branch. We cherish this long outstanding relationship and wish to grow it further.

~ Bhushan Steel Limited, August 4, 2007, General

I would like to thank Pooja for the patience and understanding with which she has handled our case. It is not just that fact that you got our reversals done, and closed the problem that had been pending, but the fact that you had the tolerance to listen and understand the case, you could even empathize with us, and that you kept us informed at every stage of the process, which is remarkable. The method followed by Corporate Care has once again restored our faith in the bank, which had been dwindling, and we are now assured that we can bank with ICICI without any apprehensions, as any problems will be sorted out eventually.

~ Ms. Jain, August 4, 2007, General

The service attitude, commitment and conviction of Shinto is truly above and beyond the call of his responsibility. We were truly impressed by the dynamism, conviction and overall pleasant approach shown by Shinto to re-open some accounts with ICICI. There is absolutely no exaggeration when we say that this investment was secured by ICICI only because of Shinto by his dedication and steadfast service attitude. His relentless effort, hard work, sincerity and dedication should be recognized appropriately. He is a true role model for his peers.

~ Bhaskara Kumar, August 7, 2007, General

Thank you very much for your help and efforts in closing all the requirements and facilitating the final disbursement/ registration of our home. You are a true example of being "Customer Centric". From the time the papers were handed over to you, your responses have been very positive & timely. More importantly you backed up your assurances with action. It is people like you who justify our decision of choosing ICICI Bank. We really appreciate the time & efforts taken by you. Thanks once again & continue the good work.

~ Mr.Krishnan/Priyanathan, August 7, 2007, General

Today, when I came to the Branch, I asked Ms. Pallavi for the Secunderabad branch phone number for my debit card. Though she was busy with other customers continuously, she ensured follow up and saw that my issue is closed. She also helped me get the TDS statement and though there was some re-work involved, she took it very patiently. In addition, she was also willing to talk to me on my other financial service needs. Though these are small things, as you know, they reflect the organizational commitment to customers and ensure loyalty from them.

~ Haraprasad, August 7, 2007, General

I am writing this note to thank you for your awesome customer services over the last 2 weeks. I have received home loan money and the entire process was extremely smooth and very professionally handled by you and your subordinate Arun. However, the kind of response, pro-activeness, timeliness and customer service I received from you is unparallel. Though the interest rate that I was offered by your competitors was less, I am still happy giving that extra to you folks. Your attitude and personal touch compensated for that extra 1 percent. In this era of extremely competitive world and high customer centric environment, I am very pleased to see ICICI employing people like you who understand the true meaning of customer delight. Keep up the great work and keep winning hearts.... not just customers!! Once again, I thank you and please pass the same to your team members who are working with you at the back end. Rightly said " Hum Hai Na"...

~ Samir Arora, August 7, 2007, Home Loan

I was very impressed with the service provided by Anapoorna Bhat from your office. She was very prompt, responsive and eager to help kind of person. She understood my problem carefully, listened to my tantrums & frustrations and still answered with smile. Talking to her was delighting. My best wishes to this young dynamic & helpful lady.

~ MR.MILIND PHAL, August 7, 2007, General

Firstly, I would like to thank the whole ICICI Team and Mahim Branch Staff (especially Ms. Tejal) for such an excellent work. The Mahim Branch Staff were really kind and supportive, every thing well said and done. I am very much happy and satisfied from your esteemed and highly professionalized service. I would like to thank everyone and also Mahim Branch staff (more importantly to Ms. Tejal - As she regularly kept the follow up with me. It shows her pure concern and dedication, which made me feel as a sole and single customer of your reputed bank)."

~ Sandeep Singh, August 7, 2007, General

I have been banking with you since 2006 and over the years I have been getting tremendously good response from you. I am associated with you for savings account, credit card and fixed deposits. The ambience, the warmth, and the user-friendly systems that you have employed can be compared to none. Hats off to you for maintaining the good services and elevating banking sector in India to International standards. I think ICICI bank is no.1 in the banking sector. I proud because I am the member of the ICICI family.

~ Sushil Kumar, Delhi, August 7, 2007, General

It's my pleasure to inform you that Mr.Sanjay Khedekar consoled us and assured that he will put his best efforts to get the fresh cheque. Then after taking charge of the situation, he informed and instructed all the concerned team members and with continuous follow up with operations team he managed to handover the fresh cheque to me. Due to his sincere efforts and support my daughter managed to fly to UK for her higher education. I and my family personally thank Mr.Sanjay Khedekar. Once again thank you to him and wish him all the best for his future.

~ Mrs.Deepa Kaduskar, August 8, 2007, General

I would like to compliment Rosalyn Singh, Customer Accounts Manager, ICICI Home Finance, Bhubaneswar for her exemplary customer service. She had every time helped out in any concerns that I have faced with reference to the bank. Rosalyn keep up the good work !

~ Santosh Choudhury, Hyderabad, August 8, 2007, General

I would like to share my experience and compliment one of your executives, Ms. Kavita Pritmani. She has extended all possible help to me when I approached online for any help and guidance. Since, now most of the private banks only concentrate on their targets rather than customers, it is really nice to see even such employees in bank who can devote time to customers and help them in every possible manner with better understanding. Thanks to her....

~ Mohammed Kazim, Jeddah, August 10, 2007, General

I am holding corporate bank account with ICICI bank and was having number of issues .My complain was taken up by quality assurance executive named Naksha Sudhakar. She was really a helping hand who explained me the whole situation clearly and helped me with each and every event in friendly manner. I am really impressed with her help and her skill to handle customer and their issues. Thanks again NAKSHA. Keep it up...

~ Faiyaz Vorajee, Surat, August 11, 2007, General

Would like to thank ICICI Bank for standing with me for a second time and providing a hassle free home loan in the fastest possible time. The whole process was efficiently handled by Ms Mamta Marwah (Relationship Officer), Amit Ganatra -owner of DSA-Vighnesh Capital. These are the guys who have been solely responsible for providing me the super efficient service. I have been awed and have been recommending my fellow colleagues to take the loan from ICICI Bank and particularly these people. I know that the loan interest rate has been on the higher side, but I don’t regret paying it as the service and commitment levels have been par excellence and I clearly tell my colleagues that even if the rates are higher the loan would be an hassle free experience. Operations guys and Credit managers were equally involved specially (Mr Pradyumna Kulkarni and Chaya Vora and Bonny Kenny). Special thanks to Pradip Rohilla Sir who personally saw my loan through, thanks again, I will give back this gesture by getting as many customers as possible to ICICI Bank,My Privileged Bank.

~ Vijay Sharma, August 11, 2007, Home Loan

Thank you Sandeep for taking the time and patience to exchange telephone conversations with me this evening and help me come to the logical conclusion of my query/problem. You listen patiently with a view to understand needs and concerns, until the other comes to a full stop. You ask relevant questions in between to help customer narrow down the problem. Sometimes it helps him to arrive at a solution himself. Your talk is to the point. No mixing up of words. If you don't have complete facts, you put me on hold or call back after sharing notes with your associates. Absolutely polite and empathic communicator. I am dazzled!

~ Suresh Kenkare, August 12, 2007, General

Thank you for providing Internet Banking services. Now I am saving lot of time and energy because of doing banking at my home. And it's really a wonderful experience to bank with ICICI. You have everything at your fingertips. Hats off to you.

~ Karthick, Chennai, August 12, 2007, General

This is in reference to an experience of mine with your Customer Care person. I had gone to your Home Finance branch in Wood Mall Plaza, Thane. I had required my Flat's Share Certificates as I needed to get them transferred to my name in our Building's Annual General Meeting. In fact I was late to request for the Share Certificate since the meeting was scheduled at a very short notice. Usually it takes 21 days for the same to arrive. However, when I told your customer care person about the urgency of the situation, I received a very very prompt response. She went out of her way to help me out and I received the Certificate at a very short while.I take this occasion to thank your subordinate "Miss Rekha Pawar" who sits in Counter No 6 for doing an excellent job. I took your ID from her telling her that I'll share my pleasant experience with her superior. People like her makes customer experience of ICICI so very pleasing and people like her should be appreciated/promoted.

~ Mr.Sabyasachi Bardoloi, August 13, 2007, Home Loan

I have been banking with ICICI since 2001 and it's been a pleasure banking with you. Your Internet Banking is far more superior and your commitment to improve the features is praiseworthy. Great job ICICI! You really deserve all the praise!

~ Simhadri Rama Rao, Bangalore, August 13, 2007, General

I am very satisfied customer with ICICI bank for more than one year now. Thanks for your excellent and outstanding support. The mobile alerts given to debit and credit card holders is a wonderful innovation. I found your monthly statement also reach in time, so it would help to pay our outstanding amount in time. Well done!!!!! WE WISH ICICI BANK success in future also.

~ Amit Kumar Pandit, Vadodara, August 13, 2007, General

It gives me a great pleasure in writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude to the help which you had done with regard to my housing loan. You very well understood my tight situation and obliged to get the things done in time. With your help and your dedicated staff, Mr Saravanan's help I managed to buy the apartment within that 5 days of my short trip. I doubt, whether I could have done it without your overwhelming co-operation. I therefore take this opportunity to thank you wholeheartedly for your wonderful service. Despite your busy schedules you dedicated your precious time, your assistance has been invaluable to me during the process. I am extremely happy and satisfied.

~ Krishnaraj Muthukumar, August 14, 2007, Home Loan

My compliments goes beyond words when it comes to expressing the allegiance of the staff ICICI bank has in its wings. I wanted to open a privilege account in Chamarajpet branch, and it was Mr.Rajat Chakraborty who made me feel like a privileged customer before opening the account itself. Its because of such wonderful customer centric staff, I believe ICICI is scaling new heights in the Indian banking sector. Thankyou ICICI bank and its dedicated staff, you are the real professionals and undoubtedly you are the best in the business as I have experienced the real pleasure of banking with you. Thumbs up!

~ Madhu Nandakishore, Bangalore, August 14, 2007, General

I have been a very loyal customer of ICICI bank for past 10 yrs, since I was a student. I have only used ICICI bank account. I happen to visit Vile Parle branch for cash depositing and I was truly impressed by the service I also realized that I use many of the bank's services including Credit card, car loans etc. but this was the first time that I have to visit a branch in past 10 years!!! I think ICICI bank has raised the standards of service not only across the banking sector but across all the industries. No surprise that it is the biggest bank in India and I am 100% confident that in next few decades it will be the world's biggest bank. I thank the bank and its entire staff for the pleasant banking experience.

~ Anup Pendse, Mumbai, August 14, 2007, General

I was looking out for a home loan on urgent basis and on 1/08/07 metMr. Nishant Singh (Manager -Retail Loans MIDC Branch Marol). Mr. Singh was very polite and arrange for immediate pick of all my documents through Mr. Mahesh Kotian (Home Loan Counsellor). Both these guys were very fast and efficient in their work (special thanks to Mr. Mahesh Kotian who followed the case till the end) and ensured that the sanction and disbursal was done on priority. Both these guys had put a fantastic performance of customer service. I wish both of them all the best and good luck in their future. I also take the opportunity to thank the entire ICICI group from bottom of my heart for your immediate response. Keep up the good work and wish you all a tremendous success in future.

~ Narendra Ukali, August 15, 2007, Home Loan

I would like to bring to your notice the excellent support your team has provided to me by processing my Housing Loan request. I would like to specially thank Syed who was very polite, patient and supportive for all my queries and concerns. He took ownership of my request which is the ideal way to handle a customer and executed it with inch perfect precision. He was always a phone call away and very approachable. I am very very pleased with the kind of service that ICICI Bank provided to me.

~ Mr.YM Pramod Dass, August 16, 2007, Home Loan

I would like to provide a feedback on the services provided by ICICI Home loans and specifically on my interactions with Shruti. First of all a big thank you for disbursing the loan on time and accommodating all my last minute requests. I truly appreciate all the effort spent by you and your teams in making my property registration happen. Overall my interactions with you have been quite good and I have found you extremely nimble to client's need. You have gone many a times out of the way to help me out and I appreciate it. Thanks once again.

~ Mr.Akash Agarwal, August 16, 2007, Home Loan

"Customers don't expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong". " There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. That little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative" I, AS Vikram, Head SME-Airtel, a loyal customer of ICICI for over 6 years with Saving account, Auto Loan, Credit Card, Demat, Home Loan & of course Personal Loan now. An incident that happened recently has prompted this mail. I had applied for a personal loan through an ICICI DMA -SWHY on 6th Aug. The concerned executive said that it would take max 3 days for disbursement. But there was no revert for a full week. Then I approached the channel manager Pushkal. He had promised a revert immediately, but again in vain. I waited for 2 days and then got the number of Mr. Tulsi Sunkari through an acquaintance Mr. Prakash-Small ticket personal loans. He promptly put all the concerned departments on a conference call, which went on for about half an hour and later realized that there was a small issue. He assigned Mr Ananth Mohan on the job. I went to ICICI Begum pet branch with the required documents and completed all the formalities as instructed. And to my big surprise, within an hour I got a message from ICICI that the applied loan amount has been deposited in my savings account. This speaks volumes about the Can do, customer centric attitude & walking that extra mile about both these employees of ICICI. Whilst I personally called both of them up to thank them for their dedication and support. I thought I should bring it to your attention so that the organization may appreciate their efforts in ensuring customer satiation.

~ Vikram. A.S, August 16, 2007, Home Loan

I take this opportunity to sincerely thank Ms. Sangeeta for her valuable time and kind efforts taken in following up the matter closely with your department to resolve issues. She has natural attitude and professional approach. When I explained the situation she resolved issue in very short time. I really appreciate her style and speed of work. I wish her good luck in her career. Keep the good work. 

~ Shrikant Gurav, Pune, August 17, 2007, General

I heartily appreciate the extent of co-operation provided by Nirmal and the ICICI Bank authorities during the process of home loan approval for me. Earlier, I thought that it would take a longer period besides many formalities in sanctioning the loan amount but every thing materialized within a very short period and in a quite easy way. I frankly express that this could happen only because of your sincere and supportive efforts. I remember you never ignore any of my calls on your mobile either during day or in night. All the terms and conditions explained by you regarding the same were very transparent. The best part with ICICI bank is that there was no hidden cost and/or the unwanted fees. I wish that your efficiency and sincerity in your duty and supportive nature towards the customers would certainly pay you in your future career. I will not forget your Sales Executive who also helped me a lot in the process. I still remember his polite and convincing nature. In the last, I am really thankful to you for all the troubles you took in availing the loan facility from your esteem organization.

~ Santosh Kumar, August 18, 2007, Home Loan

I would like to greatly appreciate Mr Mohd Abdul Majeed, Customer Service Manager, credit cards for helping me in solving my queries and issues on the credit card in the utmost professional way. He is a great asset to ICICI Bank.

~ Namasivayam VS, Bangalore, August 19, 2007, Credit card

Thank you very much Yasmin for your assistance and co-ordination to solve my long outstanding issue with your bank. I admire your services and you have taken the root of the issue and solved step by step. I really liked your professionalism and I am sure that hardly anyone would take such issue sincerely and help their customers, unless they have the required documents on hand. I have no words to admire your services to me and I really appreciate. Of course by acknowledging this, the curtain will be down, which I do not wish to. Since I am in HR I really assess and admire the performance of employee's concerned. You are one of the best employees of your bank.

~ Mr.Rishinarathamangalam S Venkatachalam, August 21, 2007, General

This is regarding the wonderful help extended to me by Mr. Vikas Jain. I had a problem with my Internet Banking and my statements to be mailed via e-mail. Vikas helped me out in getting the bank statements right before my H1B visa interview, without which I couldn't have gone for the interview. I wish Mr. Vikas Jain all the best for his career.

~ Nidhi Dharmani, Switzerland, August 21, 2007, General

I want to appreciate the efforts made by your Customer Service Officer Ms. Anita Kalyanpur to resolve some of the issues. As a member of senior management team of a large organization, I know that 4Es are very important in any team member and leader, these are: energy, energize, execution and edge. I can say with confidence that Anita possess two Es for sure that is energy and execution. It's difficult to test other two Es with just few conversations on phone and e-mail exchanges. Really she deserves an award and appreciation.

~ Sanjeev Ketkar, August 22, 2007, General

I have visited the branch personally only 3 times in the last one year. Thanks to the advanced technology provided by ICICI and a wonderful Customer Care. I should say I don't miss the traditional way of banking. ATM, Internet Banking and Phone Banking provide me the convenience that no bank in India can ever match. They have been prompt in resolving my issues. I hold a Savings account, Credit Card and Demat account with ICICI. Looking forward to continue the relationship.

~ Sankara Rameswaran, Bangalore, August 22, 2007, General

I would like to appreciate the amazing work your team did. I would always suggest my friends and family to build a relationship with ICICI not only because it promises great future and security but its amazing customer service. I am confident that people like you and your team are the ones who would really add a lot of value to the brand ICICI. Looking forward to years of relationship with ICICI.

~ Vikram Mehta, August 22, 2007, General

It was indeed a pleasant surprise to me when I found an extraordinary efficiency in processing my loan application by the officials at your Nasik branch. They took utmost care and efforts to ensure that the file moved swiftly. My special appreciation to Mr. Mahesh Baser, Mr. Vaibhav Avhad and Mr. Hemant Sonawane for their personal attention and help, as I could be in Nasik for a very short while and wanted to complete the transaction within a short span. They have understood my situation and extended their support. Once again, I thank you all and shall recommend ICICI Bank to my other colleagues, in view of the excellent services that you have offered.

~ Vilas Nagare, Mumbai, August 22, 2007, Loans

The staff at the ICICI branch in Thane have been extremely supportive and helpful - especially Sangeeta and her Branch Manager. Sangeeta would call me once every week with status update.  Given the circumstances I am dealing with, this has been easiest and fastest turnaround. Thank you once again for the excellent service extended. Most appreciated. God bless and warm regards.

~ Geetha Nair, August 22, 2007, General

I had been to Bund Garden branch for opening a Senior Citizen account for my father. The bank was crowded due to consecutive national holidays. I requested for token & waited my turn. One of your young, energetic & humble employee Mr.Yogesh approached us and within few min had us through all the procedures and got us our new account. Seeing this prompt and efficient service, my father remarked, "No wonder ICICI bank is a leading bank in terms of service and customer satisfaction. I feel happy to be associated with them”. I sincerely thank you and expect u to constantly raise the bar. Thanks again.    

~ Manzoor, Daund, August 23, 2007, General

This is one of the best.... rather the only best bank I have ever seen. Be it any service banking/credit card/bill pay/demat-online trading, you are the best!! The Customer Care service or the Internet Banking service are so convenient and user-friendly that I haven’t gone to the bank ever, except to open my account!! I guess that proves the quality of service offered by ICICI Bank. Keep up the good work!!!

~ Sagar Belkhede, Pune, August 23, 2007, General

I have been bank customer since year 2002, when my company opened my salary account with ICICI Bank. I really appreciate the facilities given by Bank to all customer whether they are operating saving or salary account. I have noticed the day-to-day growth and enhancement in service provided by Bank like Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Bill Pay facility, Funds Transfer etc. Query login at customer care is very easy and quick response is always received. I wish the Bank success in all the way!

~ Aman Kohli, Kharar, August 23, 2007, General

I am writing this to inform you that I received excellent co-operation and courteous, prompt service from Ms. Alifya Basrai, Manager, Service Quality in the last few weeks when I was corresponding with her through e mails. She has arranged to send me a platinum card.

~ Dr R Jambunathan, August 24, 2007, Credit Card

I would like to share my experience and compliment your executives, Ms. Sabahat fayaz, Mr.Lukvinder Singh, Ms.Usha Mehta as well as Branch Manager, Mr.Ashish and his team in Branch Banking in polo view,srinagar (J&K) Branch. They have extended all possible help to me whenever I approached them for any help and guidance. Since, now most of the private banks only concentrate on their targets rather than customers, it is really nice to see even such employees in bank who can devote time to customers and help them in every possible manner with better understanding. My best wishes are with all of them.

~ Manzoor Ahmad, Srinagar, August 25, 2007, General

I would like to appreciate Smitha’s promptness in regards of my query related to Online Trading. Once again, I have pleasure to appreciate your professional service and much obliged for your kind support extended to me.

~ Viju Venugopal S, August 25, 2007, General

This is to bring to your kind notice that I have got my Savings Bank account in one of your branch at C-Block Market, Vasant Vihar, and New Delhi. I have been issued with a Cheque Book for this account. Due to certain urgency I required a multicity Cheque Book with the Cheque Leaves ”payable at par”. Though I had sufficient funds in my account, yet it was only possible if my account was upgraded to a ‘Gold Account’. To upgrade my account to “Gold Account”, one Fixed Deposit of Rs. One Lakh was required against which I could be issued the Cheque Book with cheques “Payable at par”. I wish to state that all these things were done in the most professional way at the shortest possible time under the command of the Branch Manager Mr. Sunil and his deputy Mr. Puneet Arora. Both of them were very co-operative and helpful all the time and could do the needful with a smile on their face. I would request you to kindly appreciate both of them on my behalf as per the rules of your bank. I only hope you had many more people like these two to take your bank to much greater heights.

~ Sudhir Saxena, Aug 30, 2007, General

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