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I shall always be very thankful to the Asst. Branch Manager, Mr. Ashutosh Sharma of your branch at Deoria, Uttar Pradesh. I had been robbed by my own driver and again I was about to carry a huge amount of cash with him in my car. But thanks to your dynamic officer who suggested that I do not carry cash with me. He made a P.O. of the amount and made me travel safely. I am really proud of the service provided by the staff of your Bank.

~ Ramesh, Deoria, November 2, 2009, Channels - Branch Banking Experience

I would like to thank Mr Abhijeet Ingle for his patience and co-operation. I had transferred my money from my HDFC Bank Account to my ICICI Bank Account. By mistake, it was transferred to my Account about which I had no information. Mr. Abhijeet helped me throughout the process and guided me on how I should proceed further. He was online with me for almost an hour and was very patient. He asked me not to worry and also assured me that my money was safe.

Thanks a lot Mr Abhijeet! I do not know where you are, however, I really wish to thank you. Warm regards.

~ Anuradha Sareen, New Delhi, November 11, 2009, Channels - Customer Care

I have a Savings Account with ICICI Bank. Since the opening of the account, I have seldom visited the Bank branch. I am able to do most of my transactions online or through Customer Care. Also, I have never called Customer Care to lodge any complaints. Instead, they have called me to find out about my experience on having visited a Bank branch.

~Aroop Gupta, Bangalore, November 13, 2009, Products - Accounts and Deposits

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a phone call from you in response to my e-mail requesting for a refund of charges. This was followed by your e-mail accepting my request. What is really amazing is that this was all done in just about 12 hours. I am an admirer of ICICI Bank for your liberal attitude, transparent transactions, up-to-date technology, customer friendly automation, professionalism with a human touch, etc. The list goes on and on and this response to my request has made me indebted to ICICI Bank always. I shall remain your brand ambassador for the common man. Thank you and good luck to you always!

~ D.Sivaswamy, Chennai, November 28, 2009, Channels – Customer Care

This is regarding my experience whenever I have visited the Dombivali Phadke Road branch. I get prompt service, timely advice and there is always a friendly atmosphere in the branch.

~ Bharati Garud, Dombivali, November 30, 2009, Channels - Branch Banking Experience

Whenever I send a request for a cheque book, I receive it within a week. But this time, I received it within a couple of days. I appreciate your Bank for the prompt service given to customers. Moreover, transfer of money by dropping cash has really helped me send money anywhere within 12 hours. I am really thankful for the excellent service and the innovative and user friendly methods adopted by the Bank. Keep it up!

~ Srinivasan Jeganathan, Dindigul, November 17, 2009, Products - Accounts and Deposits

I had visited the Borivali branch of ICICI Bank in the month of April 2009 to foreclose my Housing Loan at ICICI Bank and to switch to any other bank which offers a reduced rate of interest. Mr. Sparsh Gupta, a young employee of your Bank, suggested to me to switch to an adjustable rate of interest to avail of reduced rate of interest and to eliminate the hassles of loan transfer.

I am happy at having done this as my rate of interest has got reduced substantially.

My colleague who got his loan transferred to another Bank had to face a lot of bureaucratic paperwork , as the Manager at that Bank was himself unsure of the documentation . He had to also pay for valuation and other formalities in terms of time and money.

Thanks Sparsh and keep up the good work!

~ Prasad Borkar, Mumbai, November 20, 2009, Channels - Branch Banking Experience

Your customer portal and service is one of the best across all banks I have come across.

~ Mini, Mumbai, November 18, 2009, Products - Accounts and Deposits

Since the past one year, I have shared a relationship with ICICI Bank and I am fully satisfied with its services. I have had experience with various public sector banks like the SBI, SBH and Andhra Bank but ICICI Bank beats them all in terms of customer service, hassle-free services, flexibility, the system and so on. Don't even think about it, just go for a relationship with ICICI Bank!

~Shiva, Vishakpatnam, November 12, 2009, Products - Accounts and Deposits


Sometime during the late 1990s, I was really excited on getting a free Debit Card as a graduate student from your Bank. This was because you had offered to open student accounts with ICICI Bank. Since then, time has passed and I moved out of college and got into the corporate world. I also got married and went abroad. A lot of things happened in my life but I must have visited the bank less than 50 times and called the Customer Care less than 10 times in the last 10 - 12 years. It has indeed been great banking with you, be it regular banking, owning a Credit Card or even buying forex. The whole experience has been really fruitful and easy.

I would like to put a word of praise to all those who work behind the scene and especially to the website team since a whole lot of things get done from there.

Cheers and all the very best!

~Karthik Kamath, Pune, November 19, 2009, Products - Accounts and Deposits

I hold multiple accounts with both PSUs and private banks, including ICICI Bank for my various financial needs. Through the multiple banking channels, the updates and efficiency offered by ICICI Bank is unmatched. I am always amazed by the way you have embraced technology to service your customers. Thanks to your information services, I hardly visit the branch or even call your Customer Care as whatever I need to know is always accessible online 24x7. Also, most of my transactions are always done through Internet banking. You are truly a benchmark for both the PSUs and private banks! Keep it up! Hope to always receive innovative services from the Bank.

~Vinubhai B Shah, Vadodara, November 23, 2009, Channels - Internet Banking

I have been with you for 8 years now and the service you provide, especially your web service, is amazing. I am a globe trotter and I have always found your Bank to be more customer friendly. Also, the responses to the queries on e-mails are very quick. Hats off to you guys for being a part of such an innovative Bank. Everything comes with a passion and you are without doubt a passionate Bank. Keep up the good work! Thank you for having revolutionised the way Indian banks work. Cheers!

~H E Ravi, Chennai, November 28, 2009, Channels - Internet Banking

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