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Amazing service on time as always. It has been a pleasure and a privilege being a part of the ICICI Bank family for 3 years now.
I had to update my address and it felt nice to receive an acknowledgement card by post confirming the updations with the bank. Do keep up the good work and hopefully I’ll stay with my account for life.

~ Nishu Alex , Kerala, February 29, 2008, General

I have accounts in various banks including ICICI Bank and keep opening and closing accounts due to unsatisfactory services, but now I feel I have a bank to depend on. After all as an NRI, service is most important and you seem to do it effectively, promptly and with ease. A Big thanks from a small value customer.

~Jairaj, Abu dhabi, February 29, 2008, General

Chak De ICICI Bank......

~ Vineet Verma, New Delhi, February 29, 2008, General

I had reported the aggressive attitude of collection agents for ICICI Bank Credit Card and within a few hours got the update from the customer care of the Bank which spoke to the collection agents right away and asked them not to bother me.  Great work done by ICICI BankTeam. KUDOS!!!!!!

~ Satyendra Vittal, Bangalore, February 28, 2008, General

Kindly refer to my level 2 complaint with the no 'ICICI Bank CARE 027-562-762'.I would like to thank the entire team for their timely attention and help. I really appreciate the way, Mrs Priti, and the Branch manager of Karelibaugh, ICICI Bank branch helped to expedite the process. Mrs Priti and the Branch manager of Karelibaugh, ICICI Bank branch, are the best assets available with ICICI Bank.
Please convey my thanks to Mrs Priti an executive of Karelibaugh, Branch, the Branch manager of Karelibaugh, ICICI Branch, and the entire customer care team.

~ Dhananjay Shanbhag, Jaipur, February 28, 2008, General

I have been having an account with ICICI Bank for the past many years. I can't find any service offering that ICICI Bank does not have. For everything I need from ICICI Bank, I have been getting a swift response and Internet banking makes me feel that I have a personalised branch at home. I wish ICICI Bank keeps up this customer centricity.

~ Santosh Kumar Kalia, Delhi, February 27, 2008, General

I have been having an account with ICICI Bank for the past years. I can't find any service offering that ICICI Bank does not have. For anything I need from ICICI Bank I have been getting a swift response and Internet banking makes me feel that I have a personalised branch at home. I wish ICICI Bank keeps up this customer centricity.

~ Arvind Bhatnagar, Bhatinda, February 26, 2008, Deposits

Hi, well, this is one bank worth recommending.
You were the first to provide net banking to credit card holders, irrespective of whether the person had an account or not with ICICI Bank......
I guess, I like your service, and what better way to say it than by expressing myself by opening a Recurring Deposit, Fixed Deposit, Using your cards, car loan..... and yes a savings account......
Keep up the good work
All The best.

~Upendra Pal Singh, Gurgaon, February 26, 2008, Deposits

I really appreciate your online banking support. It is very useful for me, especially NEFT, ATM and mobile banking. Now I am in Singapore but I still am getting credit and debit alert messages on local mobile number. I hope other banks give such a support. Previously your site was very slow to browse, now its really amazing. I have been your customer for past 9 years, till now I am getting good service from you. Thanks

~ Giriraj, Singapore, February 23, 2008, Deposits

Hi, I have to thank Mr Mirza who helped me over the phone with my credit card query. I had to make my credit card payment, and the website was down. I could not access my statement online. And thus called up the call center to find out about my outstanding amount. This is where your call center executive, Mirza, helped me out. Not only did he tell me the amount outstanding, but also patiently helped me with paying it online! I had never paid online before and had no clue how to go about it. He was sweet enough to actually go out of his way and tell me step by step over the phone while i followed his steps on the computer in front of me.

This guy is great! And I would sincerely recommend you to give him a good promotion. Thank you Mirza, once again... And I hope everytime I call up, I get to speak to you or an executive with your ability. (smile)

~ Devanshi Kothari, Kolkata, February 21, 2008, Credit card

1. I had requested for address change and was told that it would be updated in 24 hrs and it was done well in time. I also received an sms informing me about the same.
2. I was in urgent need of a cheque book and I was told by the customer service executive that it would take a maximum of 9 working days and there was no such policy for getting it on priority.
It was Monday morning when I placed the request through phone banking and then on Wednesday 1500 hrs I got the same. So it took close to 2.5 days to get the same.
I am very happy with the services provided within the timelines and the commitment met. I had some bad experiences with another private bank which was a pain all the time.
I wish the people all the best and look forward to a similar and better relationship with the bank.

~Sheetal Sachdeva, New Delhi, February 20,2008,Branch

For a common customer the value added services provided by you without any hassle speaks volumes of your quality which is much better than any nationalised bank which has been in operation for decades in India. I am a customer who loves innovations, which are always the best part of your style of operations and functioning. Well done ICICIBank! Keep going!

~ Peter Paul, Hyderabad, February 20,2008, General

I had an issue when I downloaded the mobile banking application on my cell phone. I tried to access the account using the application and it would not show my credit card or my demat accounts. I contacted customer care and I had no success. I had it uninstalled and reinstalled. I then met Mr. Jitendra Pande who did a wonderful job in following up the case. He called me almost 4 times and followed up the case for 15 to 20 days. That is a wonderful commitment to see, from a customer service representative and the initiative and the enthusiasm is really appreciated. Instead of the dodging the customer with issues he took the ownership and worked towards the resolution of the problem and now my mobile application is working and I am so happy at the service I received  from this person. I hope this sets as an example for others in your organization and I do believe that people like Jithendra can boost the customer loyalty as well as help in increasing the value that customer gets. I hope that this email reaches the managers of Jitendra Pande.

~ Rakesh ramachandran, Bangalore, February 20,2008, General

I am short of words to thank Mr Sachin Dorage Pune (M-9960227501)(ICICI Lombard Personal Loan Section) who found my debit card and promptly blocked my account and took immediate necessary action. This sincere act of being true and trustworthy has raised my confidence in ICICI Bank and  all its employees. Once again a million thanks to Sachin

~ Yogesh Dandekar, Pune, February 19, 2008, General

I have recently set up a ICICI HiSave UK Savings Account which has one of the best customer service systems I have ever experienced, on the phone and via email. All your staff are polite, and very efficient, and the helpline is a free phone number. Can ICICI Bank get much better? Much better than many British Banks, which have their customer service centres in the UK! I will be recommending ICICI Bank to all of my friends. Please thank your employees on my behalf for their professional service.

~ Harry Coates, UK, February 19, 2008, General

Tapan Kumar! This man has done his job really really well. I am not a big fan of ICICI Bank as I had issues in the past. Today’s interaction was just about to go towards a bad direction until Tapan took over the call. The thing I liked about him is the ownership he took of the call and kept following up till the job was done. I really appreciate it. The previous rep "Akhtar" was terrible and was even ready for argument. What I needed was just a bank statement. And I was being pushed around. I could not believe the terrible service I received till the "Superman" Tapan came into the picture and helped resolve my issue! A definite asset for ICICI Bank. Quiet sure I won’t get a service like this again from ICICI Bank unless I get Tapan on the phone .

~Naveen Ullal, February 18, 2008, General

Refer to my earlier compliments.  I  am  sending  this  once  again  with  the  name  of  the  Manager (Shri Aashish Konkaney) included in it.   Shri Aashish Konkaney  was  very  kind  and  gave  me  a  patient  hearing.  Once he  was  convinced of my grievance, he immediately  attended  to  the same.   I  am  really  thankful  and  hold  him  in  high  esteem  for  his  prompt  and  immediate  attention.   Let  ICIC Bank  under  the  guidance  of  such  kind Managers  go  a  long way covering  milestones after milestones.

~ B. J.Harold, Kochi, February 18, 2008, Deposits

In the internet banking you have almost all the options a customer can look for. It'll be a great experience for an ICICI customer and it'll bring in more customers if the TAT is reduced. On the customer service front, probably more voice training will help you to give a better addressing of issues. It'll be great to be a part of the ICICI group. One more suggestion is that the a/c openings should happen at a reduced time. It will benefit the customers and they can actually start transacting immediately. For forget password and reset password, if the changed username / password are communicated to the customers mail id / mobile #, they can store the same and the requests for change will come down drastically.
The thought process on the top may be different, while deliverance is not exactly the same, they need to ensure the same is actually happening.
I am very happy to be a customer of ICICI and will revert frequently on an on going basis.
Thank you

~ K Muthukumarswamy, Chennai, February 18, 2008, General

Both myself and my wife are having ICICI bank accounts as well as credit cards and we must say, we are very happy with the services of the bank, particularly the online banking and sms alerts. Today, even before we could finish signing a transaction on ICICI Bank Debit Card, we received an SMS alert from ICICI Bank informing us of the same! The way the bank has been aligned and is leveraging technology for the benefit of customers is commendable. Also, in remote and very few cases of some minor corrections, the response has been very prompt and transparent. Our salutes to ICICI Bank!  We hope to continue our relation with this bank for our lifetime!

~ Shreenath, Bangalore, February 18, 2008, General

I really like the interface, security and ease of operation of your online banking system. And your branches are full of enthusiastic and helpful officers.

~ Ajay, Haridwar, February 16, 2008, General

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