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I am an ardent ICICI bank customer for the last 11 years. I am simply amazed at your technology group in the Bank.. It is easy to get ahead of the game but to stay there all these years - I take a bow. I have never felt the need to walk into a branch. Your online banking is truly online, unlike others who just provide forms online. But I do walk into the bank sometimes just to see how you have improved, and I am always amazed by the continuous improvements (Kaizen) culture that you have. Every time I have walked in I see a difference, an improvement. I was surprised by the cheque scanning and depositing machine. The clinical efficiency of your staff and the productivity is at least 150% more than any other competitor. Given the wide variety and demands of Indian customer profile, to treat everyone with a smile and make them feel special is no mean task. To make all these a part of the culture of an organisation, truly deserves a special mention. I just did not know of a forum to express these. But then whenever marketing folks come from other banks, and tell me thatICICI is bad and all that stuff, I just tell them in reply that they cannot even hold a candle in comparison to the ICICI in technology and service. Given this opportunity I want to express my appreciation to all the staff of this excellent organisation called ICICI Bank. Kudos to you! Keep up your good work!

~ M.Chandramouleswaran, Chennai, May 07, 2010, Products – Accounts and Deposits

Hi, I had an extremely pleasant experience of dealing with Ms Roopika Sareen (Branch Operations Manager) in your Gurgaon branch(Udyog Vihar -IV Branch).I had a problem of lost cheque book for an outstation account, and was bit worried regarding the security of funds in my account. She not only dealt with the case like a through professional, but also helped me to overcome my issue with a practical and cost effective solution within no time.All my worries were gone in few minutes!

Really appreciate the approach and professionalism of Roopika. Great!!This attitude of Roopika has actually has proven the tag line.."Khayal Aapka"

Keep it up Roopika.....!!!!


~ Puneet Duggal, Chandigarh, May 07, 2010 , Channels – Branch Banking experience

I am customer of ICICI Bank since 1998, and I actively use the facilities of Online Banking, remittance and other services. I congratulate ICICI Bank to be able to service my requests and banking needs for all these times.

I must say that ICICI has been the innovator for the banking Industry in India, I remember they being the first Bank to walk into our office and opening account at our doorsteps while the industry was dominated only by State Owned Government Banks where you would need to go thru so much pain in standing queue, bring witnesses or referees etc. I have not forgotten and will never forget, all the convenience ICICI Bank has offered me. I appreciate their staff’s friendly assistance at all times.

I was called by an ICICI staff surveying the quality of service to me and I was honest in giving my opinion and I think they are great.

Best Regards

~ Sirajuddin Mustafa, Bahrain, May 12, 2010, Products - Accounts and Deposits

I am a student and needed fast and quick service. I reached ICICI Bank and really, it was very surprising and awesome experience that I got my account opened within a day and really, it touched me. I am celebrating my banking life from last few years and I'll continue my banking with ICICI throughout my life, it's a promise... cheers to ICICI Bank

~ Pramod Kumar Singh, Bhopal, May 18, 2010, Products - Accounts and Deposits

Congrats to ICICI Bank.

It’s a pleasure to hear that ICICI Bank is among the TOP 50 GLOBAL Brands and i also feel proud that I am a customer of this Bank.

The most important thing I like is the Net Banking facility, it is very simple and user friendly.

Again Congrats....

~ Bighnaraja Dash, Hyderabad, May 13, 2010, Channels – Internet Banking experience

I am a customer of ICICI bank for last 4 yrs. I have multiple relationships with ICICI bank. I am really very satisfied with the kind of service they offer. I remember times when due to some problems I was unable to go to branch for request like ‘change of address’ and my problem was solved by ICICI Bank sending a representative to collect the documents.

The customer service executive goes to any extent to keep a customer satisfied and then they also call back to get the feedback of the service provided by them.

I recommend the bank to all my friends and relatives and I always keep on saying that everyone should have at least one savings account in ICICI with the internet banking facility as they offer the world through it.

~ Sumit, Pune, May 20, 2010, Products – Accounts and Deposits

I am a ICICI bank account holder for last 8 years and it had been a wonderfull feeling to bank with them. Be it Internet Banking, bill pay or personalised banking , ICICI Bank has been a pioneer in everything

It saves a lot of times in many services for working professionals like me.

Thanks ICICI Bank for giving me extra time to spend with my family.

~ Ravendra Bhaduaria, Noida, May 25, 2010 , Channels – Internet Banking Experience

I lived in USA for about 11 years prior to 2009 and moved back to India last year. My friends and I in the US always talked about how bad the customer service in India is (in general including banks) compared to USA. But I must now admit that I was wrong to have that opinion after the level of service I am being provided by the staff at ICICI bank. I opened an "Easy Receivers" account at Miyapur branch in Hyderabad and ever since the day I opened the account I have been pleasantly surprised with the attitude and professionalism of the bank manager and the other staff members at this branch. They always make me feel welcome and take care of all my banking needs in a timely and professional manner. I cannot believe that this is a new branch that has been operating only for a few months now. Kudos to the manager and all the staff for the great job they are doing. They sure have changed my perception of the customer service in India and I wish them all a lot of success in the years to come. Thank you guys and keep up the good work.

~ Gangisetty Krishna Kishore, Hyderabad, May 05, 2010, Channels – Branch Banking Experience


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