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FD, RD & iWish
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Home Loan 
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Personal Loan
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Service Charges & Fees for Personal Loans

Enclosed find the service charges for an ICICI Bank Personal Loan

  • Prepayment of the loan is possible after 180 days of availing the loan.
  • Prepayment charges as applicable would be levied on the outstanding loan.
  • Part prepayment facility on the loan is not available.


Description of ChargesCharges applicable
Loan Processing Charges / Origination Charges (Non-Refundable) Upto 2.50% of loan amount plus Service Tax
Prepayment Charges 5% of principal outstanding
Charges for late payment 2% per month
Cheque Swap Charges Rs. 500/- per transaction
Amortisation schedule charges Rs. 200/- per schedule (inclusive of service tax)
Statement of Account Charges Rs. 200/- per statement (inclusive of service tax)
Prepayment/Foreclosure Statement Charges Rs. 100/- per statement (inclusive of service tax)
Duplicate No Objection Certificate/ No Due Certificate Rs. 500/- per NOC (inclusive of service tax) Rs 200/- per NOC (inclusive of service tax)
Duplicate Repayment/Foreclosure statement Rs. 200/- per schedule (inclusive of service tax)



  • Service Tax and other govt. taxes, levies, etc. applicable as per prevailing rate will be charged over and above these charges at the discretion of ICICI Bank ltd.
  • The charges or fees given in above table are subject to change and the one recorded in agreement will be binding over this site.
  • ^Effective for loans availed from August 1st, 2009. For loans availed prior to the said date, the cheque return charge is Rs 200 + applicable service tax.
  • Current Service Tax applicable is 12.36%.