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FD, RD & iWish
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Senior Citizens
(390 days - 2 yrs)
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Home Loan 
(Upto 75 lacs)
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Young Stars Savings Account

Let us guide your child through the world of banking – with a special savings account just for children. Our kids’ saving account is designed to make banking fun for children. They can check the account balance, visit the fun zones and enjoy with our special pages on the Internet Banking section. It will also teach your child to manage his or her personal finances from an early age.


  • Free Young Stars Debit Card*
    Your child can use this card to withdraw cash from any ATM. He or she can also use the debit card to directly make purchases through a Visa/MasterCard point of sale machine, available at most stores! This service will help your child access money from anywhere. To know more, click here
  • Choose debit cards with daily shopping/cash withdrawal limits of ∝1,000/2,500/5,000
  • Special Internet Banking
  • Standing instructions Facility for automatic transfer of money from parent’s account to the child’s account
  • Money Multiplier facility
    Worried about your money lying idle? You need the Money Multiplier Facility which gives you a higher interest rate than savings account, while your money stays within your reach. To know more on how to earn higher interest, click here

    *Debit card is issued only on request and if your child is above 7 years of age

    Dream Education Plan

    Ensure that you can offer your child the best education money can buy, with ICICI Bank’s Dream Education Plan.



    • Build a corpus through monthly small savings
    • Payout is based on your child’s requirements, as per educational milestones
    • Earn high interest rate of a fixed deposit for the entire period of the plan (Investment + Benefit phase)
    • Flexibility
    • Loan is available against deposits
    • Withdraw your money anytime, as per your needs
    • Option of choosing quarterly/annual payout in benefit phase
    • No additional allocation or handling charges for the investment
    • No TDS on interest earned on recurring deposit in the investment phase


    For more details, click here.


    Other Features

    Anywhere Banking

    • Free transactions at any other Bank's ATMs*
    • Do your banking from any ICICI branch, anywhere
    • Pay bills from the comfort of your home or office with our Bill Pay facility. To know more, click here
    • Free Internet Banking and Mobile Banking
    • Speak to our phone banking associates, at your service 24x7
    • Direct all your queries and instructions to our 24-hour Customer Care telephone lines. For Customer Care numbers, please click here
    • Issue cheques freely all across the country with your free multi-city chequebook
    • Keep track of your money with the free passbook for individual accounts
    • Get free email statements and keep updated on your Savings Account

    Nomination Facility

    • You can nominate a person as beneficiary to your account proceeds
    • Nomination facility is available for bank deposits
    • There can only be one nominee for a deposit account, whether held singly or jointly
    • A person legally empowered to operate a minor’s account can also file a nomination on the minor’s behalf
    • Applicants can nominate by filling up the form prescribed under the Banking Companies (Nomination) Rules 1985
    • The Nomination details can be changed during the subsistence of the account relationship by filling the Form prescribed under the Banking Companies (Nomination) Rules 1985.

    Savings Account Portability

    You can request for transfer of your Savings Account from one branch of ICICI Bank to another by giving a written request at the branch, or by calling the 24x7 Customer Care or you can place a request through internet banking.


    The account will be transferred within 2 working days without:

    • suspending the account operations
    • change in account number
    • surrender of debit card, cheque book


    * First five transactions (inclusive of financial and non-financial transactions) in the month are free. Thereafter charges applicable


    Value Added Benefits

    Experience convenient banking and more, only with ICICI Bank’s Savings Account. To know more about Value Added Benefits that you can get, please click here.