Young Stars

Young Stars Accounts - Features

Young Stars is a banking service for children, aged up to 18 years, brought to you by ICICI Bank to help the parents meet the present and future aspirations that they hold for their child. It offers various savings and investment options to the parent along with teaching the child to manage his/her personal finance in a more responsible and independent manner.

To make the experience a pleasure we offer:

  • Option of a Savings Bank account, Fixed Deposit or Recurring Deposit.
  • Minimum average balance to be maintained at Rs. 2,500 per month for the Savings Bank account.
  • A special Recurring Deposit with additional features as below:
    • The parent would put forward the desired amount to be earned at the end of the tenure.
    • Based on the prevailing rate of interest, the bank staff would then back calculate the installments to be deposited now till maturity.
  • Free personalized chequebook
  • Free International Debit Card* for children above the age of 7 years with features as below:
    • Daily withdrawals limits of Rs. 1,000/2,500/5,000
    • Daily spend limits of Rs. 1,000/2,500/5,000
  • The next time you want to withdraw cash from your ICICI Bank Young Stars Savings account, just walk into any bank's ATM and use your ICICI Bank ATM-cum-Debit card for free. The above benefit is available to Young star Savings Account holders on maintenance of a monthly average balance of more than Rs. 10,000 in the savings account in a month. The above benefit can be availed in the same month.
  • Free Internet banking.
    • Separate login ids and transaction password.
    • Access to special zones and links to related websites for making Internet banking a memorable experience.
  • Facility to transfer funds from parent account to kid account to enable parents to inculcate savings habit amongst children.
  • Facility of transferring funds from the Young Stars accounts to the RD to enable the parents to let their child earn more.

* Debit card is issued only on application.